SWTOR slicing nerf not so bad afterall

I do have to admit I was baffled by Bioware’s logic on Tuesday, but after a few days I’ve come to find that I wasn’t one of the players that was evidently “gaming” Slicing and therefore the Slicing nerf actually had little effect on me in the larger scheme of things.  I wasn’t chasing Bountiful and Rich Slicing missions only, but rather was taking any Abundant or lower level 6 missions that were available.  And so I’ve come to find that I apparently wasn’t getting super rich as others were. Continue reading

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First SWTOR post-release patch

The SWTOR servers were scheduled to come back online at 11 am EST but are still offline.  Memories of Blizzard’s WoW patching comes to mind as I wait for the finishing touches of SWTOR patch 1.0.1 to be completed.  But while I was waiting I took the time to actually read the patch notes (yes I know, I’m slacking!) and three things immediately struck me.

  • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
  • Rewards for winning Warzones have been increased.
  • Warzone completion rewards have been decreased.

I listen to quite a few SWTOR podcasts (more on this in a future blog post) and almost every single one of them has mentioned how much money players can make through slicing.  I’ve noticed it myself as I have it on all three of the characters I play most on.  My son and a friend had been struggling to make credits through other crew skills until I told them to switch to slicing, and voila, they too became wealthy.  So I guess I’ve been waiting for the nerf hammer to come calling.  But not having been able to log in to see how much the slicing rewards have been reduced, I can’t yet judge how badly the nerf hammer hurt.

But this particular nerf speaks more to the fact that the other crew skills are lacking, in my opinion.  I tend to stay away from crafting skills in most MMOs because virtually all  craftable items at the lower levels are useless.  Most items that crafters are counting on selling are alternatively obtained through questing or instances (Flash Points).  And rely on the auction house to sell.  An auction house who’s current incarnation in SWTOR is horrible I might add.  Crafting can only really compete against gathering skills in a player run economy, but even the other gathering skills in SWTOR were at somewhat of a disadvantage in that they mostly rewarded the player with items that then have to be sold on the auction house.  Slicing by comparison mostly rewarded the player with raw credits.  And that’s why players have been able to grow fairly wealthy through slicing when they hadn’t been able to with other crew skills.  At least at this point in the game.  That might change as the game matures and the auction house stabilizes. Continue reading

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PVP botting is alive and well in SWTOR

Perhaps I’m naive.  Perhaps I hoped I’d simply never see this again.  But pvp botting is alive and well in SWTOR.  I’ve yet to see any in the other battleground yet, but I’m starting to see them often in Hutt Ball.  A couple of them I’m quite used to seeing, like SVCNGO on Tarro Blood.  We all know that SWTOR has just been released and that there is a whole host of additions and improvements that Bioware will be making to the game as soon as they can.  Let us hope that a reporting feature in PVP is one of them because BG botting became such a big deal in WoW at one point that there were several very large public riots on the forum about the issue.

BG Botting is both a means to level a character with zero effort, and for gold farming organizations, a steady means to earn gold.  And we all know where that gold goes.  It’s just one of the strategies that such organization take, but in this case it’s likely to be a fairly lucrative one because players have no means to boot AFK/Bots from matches.  Even in WoW, with the means to actually report and boot the characters, the bots have clearly won the war.  If only because after years of dealing with the issue the player base as a whole has become numb to the situation.  You continue to see complaints about them in matches of course, but often little is done to actually remove the characters from a match.  They’re considered just part of doing business.

But SWTOR is a new game.  And I truly hope that Bioware learns from Blizzards mistakes on the issue.  BG Botting is a cancer, and if not attacked and eradicated, will cause the same lethargy, criticism, and malaise that we see in WoW PVP today. Continue reading

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Air Jordan’s cause riots?

Seriously?  Its bad enough that people act like total loons around the holidays, but over a pair of shoes?  a $180 pair of shoes at that!  Color me un-stylish then because I hate to even pay $60 for shoes!

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!  Even though I’m sure most of us will sneak away to play something today, today is really about family and friends.  And most importantly, about remembering the birth of a very special child today.  Please have a wonderful day!

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Sith Inquisitor – Khem Val Companion Fight

I finally got around to playing on my Sith Inquisitor yesterday after having played my Bounty Hunter to level 33, and playing a short stint on my Sith Warrior (level 20).  I’d forgotten exactly how much fun the class is to play.  I remember the first time I ran through Korriban during the beta it took me 7 hours to level from 1 to 10.  I didn’t know where anything was, and didn’t have a sense of what quests to complete at the same time in order to minimize my running around.  I pleasantly noted that it took less than half that time last night!

Obviously, leveling the Inquisitor gave me another opportunity to pit myself against Khem Val.  Three weeks ago I faced Khem Val and barely beat him when I found my strategy of kiting and sniping wasn’t working.  And had thought the next time I fought him I’d ignore the strategy and instead nuke him toe to toe.  That strategy worked even better than I anticipated, and I had the cameras rolling to capture the moment.  Okay, I had the camera rolling for more than 7 minutes because unlike the last video I posted on Khem Val I wanted to also capture the mob fights leading up to him.  I mentioned three weeks ago that it was really easy

The closest mobs to the walkway ledge are easily kited to the ledge and blown off, but you’ll have to make a judgement call for yourself how much running back and forth you want to do as you move inward, away from the ledge.  On previous attempts I kited all of the groups back to the ledge and blew them off, but on this attempt I didn’t do that.  I kited the closest groups but not the furthest away.  In any event you can see the entire clearing in this video and can judge for yourself how to best handle it on your attempt.

After the Khem Val fight there’s an additional elite mob to the left you have to fight that isn’t pictured in this video.  The mob is a melee mob and does hit moderately hard, but is easily handled by Khem and your Inquisitor.

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Sith Warrior Starship

I’m resting my Bounty Hunter and decided to hop on my Sith Warrior to play a little last night.  I still haven’t quite decided whether I want to play the Sith Inquisitor I played in beta, or the Sith Warrior next as an alt.  So figured I’d give the Warrior a go to see how it feels.  I’d seen a few Sith Juggernauts roaming around while I quested and they seemed to be doing quite well for themselves!  In any event I hit level 17 earlier this morning and finally got my starship.  It’s quite nice, and I made a video for those (like me) who hadn’t seen the inside before.  Enjoy!

This is the second character I’ve obtained a ship on and found I also had to defeat an NPC before I could claim this ship too.  So I’m guessing that’s the theme for all of the classes; that you are given a quest to obtain your ship, but find you need to defeat an NPC when you arrive at the hanger.  In the case of the Sith Warrior you end up having to defeat a single Sith Warrior who is very angry at something you did earlier on Dromund Kaas!  He’s a tank and spank, by the way, with no special abilities.

Personally I think the Fury Class Starship is the coolest ship in SWTOR.  It’s evocative of the Empire ships we’re used to seeing from the original movies, and sequels.  Very predatory looking in my opinion.

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