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Star Wars Galaxies

Remembering SWG

It’s not often that I read very complimentary posts about Star Wars Galaxies, but when I do it brings back several positive memories.  I did very much enjoy SWG before the Combat Upgrade In March 2005 was foisted on us.  … Continue reading

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Personal space ships and instanced PVP for SWTOR

E3 has started and new information about some of our most anticipated games is starting to trickle out.  I was eagerly awaiting new information about SWTOR and we’ve gotten two bits of information.  The first that there will be “player … Continue reading

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Star Wars Galaxies

I did it. Despite saying I would never do it, I created a new account and actually played SWG for several hours yesterday. The client is much the same now as it was in 2003 when I was playing, except … Continue reading

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Star Trek is not the only Iconic IP on the block

I don’t remember exactly when, but at some point in late 2007 (or was it early 2008?) I gave Star Wars Galaxies another try. I swore when I quit playing in March 2005 that I would never play another SOE … Continue reading

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Ignore the refridgerator. What about that money?

Yes I’m still a noobie, but I would still find it impossible to understand how anyone could spend a thousand dollars, let alone over $100k on a game. Yet the Mattani regales us this week with a story of just … Continue reading

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What is your threshold of pain?

It’s a very weird juxtaposition, but I prefer solo content in the MMORPGs I play. Many people will respond to the sentiment that MMORPGs are intended to be social and you are expected to play with others. In my view … Continue reading

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EVE Online noob

A year ago I took a swing at playing EVE Online based on entries I was reading from one of my favorite blogs (Mystic Worlds). I started up a trial account, but in all honesty I found EVE to be … Continue reading

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