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Star Trek Online

Head Start – day 4

I’ve now played Star Trek Online for about 20-25 hours, and have played a Federation and a Klingon character into Tier 2. However I’m sad to say that I don’t think I’ll be playing much longer. Certainly not past my … Continue reading

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Star Trek is not the only Iconic IP on the block

I don’t remember exactly when, but at some point in late 2007 (or was it early 2008?) I gave Star Wars Galaxies another try. I swore when I quit playing in March 2005 that I would never play another SOE … Continue reading

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Head Start – day 3

Day 3 is much like day 2, except the server isn’t crashing and staying down for hours. Instead the server just grinds to a halt and you get stuck at loading screens for 5-15 minutes, then everything is fine again. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Arathi Basin, STO style

I chuckled a bit to myself after the first couple times I ran one of the space battlegrounds called “Hostile Engagement – Capture and Hold – Space – Salvage Operation” and realized it was Arathi Basin in space. The battleground … Continue reading

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STO Headstart started

The STO head start period started yesterday at 1pm EST and I was there. Helps to actually know what to expect, so I made LT6 by yesterday evening after only about 5 hours of play time. As soon as I … Continue reading

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“Interesting” design premise of upcoming MMOs

Notice anything similar between the two largest upcoming MMOs? I’ve mentioned my recent thoughts on the Star Trek Online (STO) MMO, but hadn’t really gotten into the amount of instancing it does. Almost everything is an instance in STO. From … Continue reading

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End of Star Trek Online Beta

The servers are down right now, which in effect means the end of the beta for me as it’s a WoW raid night tonight. All in all I think I was able to get in around 12 hours of play … Continue reading

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