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Air Jordan’s cause riots?

Seriously?  Its bad enough that people act like total loons around the holidays, but over a pair of shoes?  a $180 pair of shoes at that!  Color me un-stylish then because I hate to even pay $60 for shoes! Advertisements

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And you can be certain a lot more deserve it

With so many liberals, labor activists and other assorted whack jobs acting so despicably lately I’d all but forgotten the last instance of union violence.  Normally I’d pass on commenting about this sort of thing on my blog, but in … Continue reading

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Black Friday is an Anachronism

With every passing year I’m more and more amazed that anyone continues to brave the wilds as it were, partaking in Black Friday shopping in person.  My wife still does for some reason, though I had thought she had finally … Continue reading

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Alberto Contador just the latest doper

It isn’t so much surprising as it is terribly disappointing that Alberto Contador tested positive for steroids during the later stages of this year’s Tour de France.  The sad fact is that you can no longer believe an athlete when … Continue reading

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