Lack of LFG system in SWTOR a sad panda makes

If there is one thing I absolutely want Bioware to fix, it is the lack of a Looking For Group (LFG) system in SWTOR.  I’ve been trying to run the Foundry for two days now, standing around in the fleet spamming chat and not able to do anything else while I’m doing it.  On the occasion when I’ve been able to find groups we never actually got to go because those groups were all lacking healers.

It’s very frustrating, and frankly shameful that SWTOR shipped without a a real system to help players find groups for content they want to run.  That includes the heroic missions on planets that I mostly skip now because those are also a terrible pain to find groups for.  If there is one thing that will absolutely kill my enthusiasm for this game it’s this issue.  I do not find it fun having to stand around spamming a chat channel and I doubt many others do either.

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