SWTOR slicing nerf not so bad afterall

I do have to admit I was baffled by Bioware’s logic on Tuesday, but after a few days I’ve come to find that I wasn’t one of the players that was evidently “gaming” Slicing and therefore the Slicing nerf actually had little effect on me in the larger scheme of things.  I wasn’t chasing Bountiful and Rich Slicing missions only, but rather was taking any Abundant or lower level 6 missions that were available.  And so I’ve come to find that I apparently wasn’t getting super rich as others were. Slicing missions come in levels – l (level 10-16), 2 (level 17-24), 3 (level 25-32), 4 (level 33-40), 5 (level 41-48), and 6 (level 49-50), and reward level – Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, Rich (Discovered Blue/Offered Missions) , Wealthy (Discovered Purple).  Moderate being the lowest reward level, and Wealthy being the highest reward level.  I don’t know at which mission level Wealthy reward level missions start to become available, but I do know you don’t start seeing those until you are fairly far along the Slicing levels.

Normally only Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and sometimes Rich missions are available randomly for any given level.  By hunting through the top three available levels of missions, and only taking Bountiful or Rich missions players were able to get very wealthy from what I understand.  But in order to do that I’m told players also had to have at least one other gathering skill, which they would use in the same manner when any of those particular Slicing missions weren’t available to them at that moment.  Apparently taking missions from other gathering skills “re-sets” the available missions.  Please don’t quote me on that, it’s only what I’ve been told.

In any event I wasn’t doing that.  Instead I was taking Moderate and Abundant in my highest available level range only.  Though if there were Bountiful or Rich missions I would take those instead.  Whichever the highest available missions at the time, and so I was only earning credits at a moderate rate.  Although, I might add, still at a higher rate than apparently other SWTOR players who weren’t slicers.

When I logged in on Tuesday and found I lost money I was puzzled at the logic, but those returns were for either Modest or Abundant.  Occasionally I lose money on a mission, but that’s rare and I’m now only taking Abundant if I absolutely have to.  I’m hunting through my top three available levels of missions and taking Bountiful or Rich if I can find them.  By taking lower level missions I can actually maximize the number of missions I run in a period of time, which was another strategy others were using I’ve found, and I was not.  I’ll only ignore that if I “discover” Wealthy missions.  Those I’ll learn and take immediately because they can return some very nice rewards indeed.  For instance, one I took last night return 7k Credits, a purple Mod, and something else that was fairly nice but which is escaping me at the moment.  In any event Wealthy missions are almost always worth while, though they take considerably longer than other missions to complete.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday I earned an additional 200k credits by Slicing and questing.  I didn’t keep track of percentages, but in all the time I was questing I had three companions out running missions.  That 200k represents about the same level of credits I would earn in two similar days of play prior to the patch.  So, for me at least, the Slicing nerf turned out to be not so bad after all.

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