First SWTOR post-release patch

The SWTOR servers were scheduled to come back online at 11 am EST but are still offline.  Memories of Blizzard’s WoW patching comes to mind as I wait for the finishing touches of SWTOR patch 1.0.1 to be completed.  But while I was waiting I took the time to actually read the patch notes (yes I know, I’m slacking!) and three things immediately struck me.

  • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
  • Rewards for winning Warzones have been increased.
  • Warzone completion rewards have been decreased.

I listen to quite a few SWTOR podcasts (more on this in a future blog post) and almost every single one of them has mentioned how much money players can make through slicing.  I’ve noticed it myself as I have it on all three of the characters I play most on.  My son and a friend had been struggling to make credits through other crew skills until I told them to switch to slicing, and voila, they too became wealthy.  So I guess I’ve been waiting for the nerf hammer to come calling.  But not having been able to log in to see how much the slicing rewards have been reduced, I can’t yet judge how badly the nerf hammer hurt.

But this particular nerf speaks more to the fact that the other crew skills are lacking, in my opinion.  I tend to stay away from crafting skills in most MMOs because virtually all  craftable items at the lower levels are useless.  Most items that crafters are counting on selling are alternatively obtained through questing or instances (Flash Points).  And rely on the auction house to sell.  An auction house who’s current incarnation in SWTOR is horrible I might add.  Crafting can only really compete against gathering skills in a player run economy, but even the other gathering skills in SWTOR were at somewhat of a disadvantage in that they mostly rewarded the player with items that then have to be sold on the auction house.  Slicing by comparison mostly rewarded the player with raw credits.  And that’s why players have been able to grow fairly wealthy through slicing when they hadn’t been able to with other crew skills.  At least at this point in the game.  That might change as the game matures and the auction house stabilizes. The other two patch notes that truly interested me were regarding PVP.  Initially I had thought the patch notes would mean a buff to PVP rewards, but in actuality it all appears to be a sleight of hand.  Overall Bioware is decreasing the rewards for participating (read as losing matches) and increasing the rewards for winning.  Assuming a roughly 50% win/loss ration it should mean the total rewards even out.  Unfortunately it won’t stop those already botting in PVP because the rewards will still represent a steady stream of XP and income with virtually no other investment.

The rewards for PVP were higher in the beta until one of the early December patches when they were nerfed to their current level.  I honestly hadn’t noticed the comparison between the XP/Credits I’m generally able and questing in a period of time.  But from others I understand that questing is generally better from a leveling perspective and I’ve been hoping Bioware would reverse themselves on this issue.  At one point earlier in the week I had attempted to work on just my class story and complete PVP matches whenever the queue popped but found that I ran through my class quests too quickly and wasn’t keeping up gear wise.  And so lately I’ve just been doing a handful of matches daily and questing otherwise.

[UPDATE]  Servers are now up and I had three Slicing mission completions waiting for me.  I opened all three to find I’ve lost credits on all three missions.  Level 6 missions cost 1485 credits and I didn’t even make that back on any of them.  Bioware didn’t reduce the cost of the missions so I’m not sure I understand the logic they’re using here.

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2 Responses to First SWTOR post-release patch

  1. fire skull39 says:

    Off topic:

    How is the noise level on your computer (the cooling fan noise). Does it keep the system cool enough?

    Is the 460W power supply enough to let the system run and be stable on the highest graphics?

    How is the sound card that came with the computer?

    • Iggep says:

      TBH I barely hear the system. It’s sitting on a shelf on the floor next to my desk and all I can hear is a low hum. Sound card and power all seem adequate to me. If I were going to run anything more than the ATI 6770 I might upgrade the power supply to a 650 or something, but don’t see the need to do that right now. Plenty of room in the case if you wanted to do that at some point.

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