Sith Inquisitor – Khem Val Companion Fight

I finally got around to playing on my Sith Inquisitor yesterday after having played my Bounty Hunter to level 33, and playing a short stint on my Sith Warrior (level 20).  I’d forgotten exactly how much fun the class is to play.  I remember the first time I ran through Korriban during the beta it took me 7 hours to level from 1 to 10.  I didn’t know where anything was, and didn’t have a sense of what quests to complete at the same time in order to minimize my running around.  I pleasantly noted that it took less than half that time last night!

Obviously, leveling the Inquisitor gave me another opportunity to pit myself against Khem Val.  Three weeks ago I faced Khem Val and barely beat him when I found my strategy of kiting and sniping wasn’t working.  And had thought the next time I fought him I’d ignore the strategy and instead nuke him toe to toe.  That strategy worked even better than I anticipated, and I had the cameras rolling to capture the moment.  Okay, I had the camera rolling for more than 7 minutes because unlike the last video I posted on Khem Val I wanted to also capture the mob fights leading up to him.  I mentioned three weeks ago that it was really easy

The closest mobs to the walkway ledge are easily kited to the ledge and blown off, but you’ll have to make a judgement call for yourself how much running back and forth you want to do as you move inward, away from the ledge.  On previous attempts I kited all of the groups back to the ledge and blew them off, but on this attempt I didn’t do that.  I kited the closest groups but not the furthest away.  In any event you can see the entire clearing in this video and can judge for yourself how to best handle it on your attempt.

After the Khem Val fight there’s an additional elite mob to the left you have to fight that isn’t pictured in this video.  The mob is a melee mob and does hit moderately hard, but is easily handled by Khem and your Inquisitor.

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