Upgrading can be such a hard thing to do

Excellent article about upgrading to a new version of Linux.  But even though you’d think the problem might be more difficult on a Linux or Unix system, it’s actually more difficult on a Windows system where you don’t generally have the easy scripting capabilities that you find on Linux.  Sadly, most home users are running Windows of some variety and those users upgrade to the next version of Windows far less often than virtually any Linux users does.  Most home users only upgrade operating systems through the purchase of a new computer.  But even if they purchased the operating system to perform the upgrade the situation would amount to the same thing.  In both cases the user would have to reinstall their old applications from scratch and would have had to make sure they copied their user data manually.  And that’s really the Achilles tendon for everyone  Operating systems need a “common” means of tracking and reporting user installed applications as well as the data tied to those applications.  Lets hope one day we see that.

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