Installing VMWare Tools in Linux Guest

I’m a big supporter of desktop virtualization, and have posted before how to use VMWare Player to install and test other Operating Systems.  However, along with installation of a guest Operating System you will also generally want to install VMWare Tools.  This How To will cover how to do that for a Linux guest. **NOTE** For the purposes of this How To I’ll use the graphical file system to complete these actions and will be performing these actions in LinuxMint 11.0. The steps are the same in any distribution of Linux in a general sense, and will be virtually identical in any Debian based distro.  But there might be slight differences in other Distros.

Select “Install VMWare Tools” from Virtual Machine on the VMWare tool bar menu.  This will mount VMWare Tools as a CD inside your Linux guest OS when you log in.  Log into Linux to complete the necessary steps.

Once logged in, double click on and open the mounted CD.

Drag the archived VMWare Tools directory (VMWareTools-8.8.0-471268.tar.gz) to your desktop and open it.

Drag/copy “vmware-tools-distrib” to your desktop

Open a terminal and run the following command “sudo /vmware-tools-distrib/” to install the toolset.

The questions asked during the install can be answered with the default answers unless you have made dramatic changes to your Linux system.  Once VMWare Tools is installed close the terminal and shutdown the virtual machine entirely.  VMWare Tools will properly allow resizing of the desktop and other capabilities when you relaunch the guest.

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