Sprint cheating on handset upgrade

The IPhone 4S became available for virtually the entire word on Friday, including my carrier Sprint. As I’ve recounted previously I’ve been using the HTC EVO for about 14 or 15 months now and I was ready for an upgrade. As it happens I’m a Premier Gold member and get a $150 upgrade allowance every year (or did. Sprint is phasing the program out in December) and decided to use it now.

Friday morning rolled around and the first thing I did was log into my Sprint account to register my Preorder. But when it came time to submit my order I was staring at a $299.99 bill and thoughtbthat couldn’t be right. I did the usual logging out, clearig cache and cookies and log back iroutine but found I was still be charged $299.99 for he preorder.

Logging out and shopping as a new customer I found the iPhone 4S preorder still cost $299.99 which made me look a little closer. New customers receive $450 in subsidy for new two year contracts but existing customers get $300 in subsidy along with the $150 upgrade allowance. Actually I don’t know if existing non-premier customer get $300 or $450 subsidy but it was very clear to me that while Sprint was giving me my upgrade allowance they were also reducing the subsidy by the same amount. Which of course makes the upgrade allowance useless.

Bottom line is Sprint is cheating and has no intention of actually selling the IPhone 4S 32GB for less than $299.99. There is no advantage given to existing customers – premier gold members or not — and consequently no reason anyone should give any credence to Sprint’s attempts at retaining customers. Removal of the premier program all together in December and funny math use on IPhone upgrades shows us that.

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