Raising faction standings is a bit time consuming

In order to raise my corporate standings to the point I can drop my POS I had to hire someone to come in and kick everyone else out of my corp, except for a new character I created about 10 days ago who hadn’t done so much as a single mission and had no standings with anyone.  Since that time I’ve been doing some research into how I could raise Iggep’s standings so that in the future I could drop a POS again if I needed to.  The fastest way to do it is by doing COSMOS missions, which aren’t necessarily difficult, however don’t expect any in-game assistance figuring anything out.  Let alone where the COSMOS agents are, or in what order to complete the missions.  A given agent will give you one or more missions and then that’s it.  They won’t direct you to another agent that will have other missions for you, and agent might be several systems away.

But the worst part is that because these are treated like story-line missions that give faction standing, completing one also gives you a negative standings hit on the opposite factions.  For instance, if I were completing COSMOS missions for Gallante, I would also earn negative standings for each mission from Caldari and Amarri.  That becomes a compounding problem if you desire to be able to continue unrestricted empire travel.  You end up needing to complete COSMOS missions for alternating factions in order to keep the standings losses in check, and from what I’ve been able to see, also use the Sisters of EVE epic quests to repair standings damage, or add to your already heightened faction standings.  The COSMOS missions can only be done once, however the Sister of EVE missions can be done once every three months.

The end result is that raising standings to the level required to put up a POS in high sec can be done relatively easily.  Unless you also want to maintain unrestricted travel throughout the empire, which then makes the process something much different.  Still, even then it would most likely only take a few weeks worth of steady mission running to complete.  If you wanted to be able to drop a POS in any empire location, then you should expect many months worth of Sister of EVE mission running while you work up each faction.

I’ll work on that on Iggep, however I probably won’t bother on any of the my other characters.  As long as Iggep’s standings are high I’ll only need to boot my other characters and wait a week before being able to drop a tower somewhere.  Monday night I should be able to put up my tower and bring all of my characters back into my Corp, though it’ll still be another three weeks before I can start manufacturing the T2 I want to start rolling out.  In the mean time I’ll continue manufacture the T1 lines I am currently and start selling BPCs and researched BPOs.

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