0.0 experiment is over

I needed to take my hauler out of my 0.0 corp a few days ago in order to use him out in my empire manufacturing corp.  There was no way I was going to be able to JC him out and run around in my Freighter or my Orca and be safe from all the war targets roaming around out here with me.  But that left me with a bit of a problem in 0.0 as I then only had my miner with no hauling capability to speak of.  I could have hauled ore around in an ITTY MK 3, but no amount of ISK is worth having to run 20 trips back and forth for one day’s mining.  Especially with the roaming gangs that you run into from time to time.  Thus I took my miner out of 0.0 this morning and now all three characters are in my Industrial corporation — Crestlighter Heavy Industries.  My friend is still in there happily mining away on his two miners and a hauler, but where I think he and I diverge is he’s much more carefree with the risk than I ever was or will be.

So I’m now out of 0.0 and operating completely in empire again, though I made sure before I left to explain what was going on and why I needed to leave.  And thankfully those bridges are still there so that if conditions enable me in the future, I can return.  And by that I mean when I’ve accumulated enough ISK to buy a miner and a hauler off the market and use them in empire and take Evannas and Erasum back into 0.0.  I’d probably still be in 0.0 mining away if it weren’t such a pain to get minerals out of 0.0 and into empire in large quantities.  If I had a Jump Freighter I could do it, though even then I’d obviously need to coordinate with others for protection.  And that’s several billion ISK and several months of training away right now.

In the mean time I’m now in complete care-bear mode and putting my full effort into growing my business, which I needed the minerals for in the first place.  Unlike my friend, who is perfectly happy just mining and making ISK doing it, I wanted to get involved in industry too.  It would have been too much of a hit to my profits over the long term to buy all of my mats, so my plan was to mine in 0.0 and ship out what I needed for my manufacturing lines and sell the rest.  Roving gangs, gate camps, and bubbles made that extremely difficult to do so the only real alternative for me at the moment is to mine the high sec ores and buy the high end minerals I need.

I’ll be working toward putting up my POS by Dec 1st and in the mean time I’ll be running 14 continuous T1 production lines out of a station and will be selling the excess minerals I collect.  Once I can hire someone to come in and raise my corp standings I can anchor my POS and shift over to T2 production, inventing, and selling copies of researched BPOs.  Some might find this weird, but all this work brings a bit of a smile to my face.  Crestlighter Heavy Industries was the name of my business in SWG back in the day and this is the first bit of real “crafting” I’ve done in more than five years.  I’m having a great time doing it and have big plans for the future expansion.

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