I am CEO

This week was definitely much better compared to the past couple.  Not only was I able to finally get into another Orca and get it safely back to my mining system, but I also started up that corporation I had mentioned I wanted to start a few weeks back.  It’s all geared toward the invention and manufacturing I’ve been wanting to to do but I have a about two weeks of training left until I can reliably invent the BPCs I want to manufacture initially.  Toward that goal I’ve decided to put up a small POS in a high sec system because research and invention slots are just too hard to find around my parts.  I’ve bought the control tower and the few modules I want to run and just need to find someone trust worthy to anchor the tower for me.

I’ve always really enjoyed “crafting” in MMOs that had well thought out crafting systems.  Back in my SWG days I was a Droid Engineer and Shipwright.  I’d go for long periods where I didn’t do anything else in-game at all other than rooting out minerals and running my factories.  I had a large hall set up in a busy player city and I kept my venders well stocked.  Then I’d get into the mood to do nothing but PVP and I imagine I’ll do the same here in EVE.  I like mining, I like manufacturing and I like PVP.  I haven’t done all that much PVP yet, although I did engage in my first fleet battle the other day.  It was pretty short being nothing more than a CTA to save a Carrier pilot who didn’t follow instructions after a previous fleet engagement.  He ended up getting cut off in a system by a fleet out of the Russian Drone regions.  We pulled together about 60 or so pilots to jump over and drive off the attackers.  I didn’t get any kills but did get to fire off a few missiles at a couple ships.

As far as I could tell we ended up killing a handful before the Russians decided they had nothing left to gain there and warped off.  CTAs are a daily thing these days with a war raging across the Vale, Tribute, and Germinate regions.  Perhaps you’ve heard something about the little war going on right now.  Lots more on it there at EVENEWS24.com.  I haven’t had a lot to do with it as my missile and shield skills are still relatively low and I’ve all but decided to finish my mining skills on my two 0.0 pilots before doing anything else.  So while I may muster up for CTAs every now and again I’ve only fired missiles once in anger.  But believe me you, those rocks are sure taking a beating from me!  Especially now that I’ve got my Orca running again.  Although I’m still a little Leary about having the Orca out there.

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