Mining ops just got a little better

It was hard to be patient for two days but I finally got my Orca this morning.  I still have a few skills yet to finish before I can fully fit it, but as you can see, I’m not that patient.  I sank almost my entire bankroll into buying the hull and most of the fittings I needed and it was worth every ISK.  I need to buy two more Large Cargo hold Optimization I units (I can’t use the T2 units yet) and I’ll have all the fittings but I can already fit 90k M3 ore in the ore and cargo holds.  Add an additional 40k m3 if I also use the corp hanger.  Which means no more runs into the station every 6 mins in my ITTY MK III.  That’s especially nice as you simply can’t fill cans (usually) in hi-sec without having to worry about flippers.  I can park the Orca near my Hulk and really AFK now.  I’ll have to check every 5-6 mins and go back to studying.

Of course the best reason for the upgrade is that I’ll now be able to move an entire day’s worth of minerals to market in one trip, instead of doing it 1.16 mil units a trip (11k m3).  That alone was worth the 323 million ISK I paid for the hull!  I operate out of Essence, so I haul everything I have to sell into Oursulaert.  I’m not terribly far away but I am four jumps if I stick to my normal belts.  If I auto-pilot a one way trip can take 15-20 mins, so at most I’m looking at two round trips on auto.   When I average 5-7 million Trit an evening you can see why having the Orca becomes such an advantage.  Of course I could get to and from Ours faster without resorting to auto-pilot but that gets tedious pretty quickly running back and forth like that.

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