Kick Ass

I finally saw Kick Ass over the weekend (thank you Netflix!), and I loved it.  Unfortunately I didn’t see it while it was in the theater, so I had been waiting anxiously to finally see this for some weeks after the DVD was released.  I had intentionally steered clear of any details because I didn’t want to ruin the experience for myself, so I went into this completely ignorant of the story and details of the movie.  After watching it I immediately told my wife it was one I wanted to add to our library, if that tells you anything.  I was honestly expecting a little more from the main character himself, but Hitgirl completely carried him and the movie across the finish line.

The costumes were fantastic and exactly what one would expect if the random teenager decided to become a costumed super hero.  Well, perhaps except for Red Mist who started off as the film’s chump and who remained the same chump at the end of the film.  The influence of the father on the son had much to do with it of course, but as far as protagonists go, he was exactly the type of “villain” that this film needed and got.

I can even envision sequels following this movie as the entire world is an open, unwritten book.  Will that happen?  Probably not, but one can wish.

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