Seems so strange not to be gaming

I’ve been so busy at work these past few weeks that I honestly haven’t noticed all that much, but on the weekends I have.  Other than the occasional round of Starcraft2, I haven’t touched any game what so ever in a few weeks now.  Virtually all of my gaming in the past five years has been in WoW, and It’s not that I miss WoW very much, rather I notice because I’m spending more time doing the other things I’ve been neglecting in the past year like all of those computer projects I’m starting to blog about.  I’m still an avid gamer but RTS and RPGs don’t hold my attention very long and there aren’t any other MMOs out there right now that truly interest me enough to bother installing them, let alone play them.  RPGs and RTSs aren’t persistent worlds, so once I’ve conquered the game and things start to look repetitive I lose interest.  I never was all that interested in competitive head to head play, although I had begun thinking I might want to try that in Starcraft2.  I haven’t.  Been too busy with work and playing with my computers.

I still probably will try out DDO and LotRO eventually, but I think the game I’m really waiting on at the moment is SWTOR.  Of course I’ll play Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II but outside of an occasional gaming post I would probably expect to see more IT or other entertainment related posts here at Iggepsrealm until next year.

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