My Odyssey is over

My personal odyssey ended yesterday when I was finally able to find two HTC EVOs. I had been calling every single Sprint store and the four Best Buy stores in my area daily. No one could tell me when they would be getting their next shipment, but when they did get shipments they were usually a few here and there. Turns out that my district happened to get 20 HTC EVOs just yesterday and those were spread among the various stores. It was simply fortuitous that I called at lunchtime yesterday and was still able to find two because they’ve been selling so fast. In any regard I called and the store had one left which they set aside for me and started making calls looking for a second one for my wife. It’s been my experience that if other stores had extra on hand they happily share, however in this case this was the only store that I had called that had any (that weren’t already spoken for, as I was to find out). So I didn’t wait for the return call from the store and drove down there.
By the time I got there they still weren’t able to find a second phone for me, and that probably would have been the end of it somewhere else. I would have had to keep making daily calls looking for a second phone for my wife. However the clerk I was working with made a call to his district manager who authorized taking of a second phone for a nearby store. Sorry for whomever that phone was destined for, but a second clerk drove over to the other store, picked up the phone and drove it back. Within 20 mins I had my second phone and was signing contracts. I don’t actually know if that second phone was spoken for and I didn’t ask, but I was very impressed and very much appreciated what the clerk and the District Manager did for me.

As you can imagine, I spent all night playing with my phone. I’ve never used an Android based handset before so I was busy downloading apps and getting things configured the way I want them and was testing out all of the functionality and applications to see what they did and what I could do with them. Even though I had been playing with my son’s phone recently, there was still quite a bit I hadn’t touched. And still quite a bit I haven’t quite gotten to this morning. The process to sync my handset apps with my Google account, FaceBook account, and Twitter was extremely easy. Literally providing a username and password for each was all that was required as Android handled everything else. No sooner had I provided those details was I able to see all my mail, contacts, calendar and tasks already available on my phone and found that changes made on my desk top to contacts or calendar quickly synced to my phone.

Simply said, Android 2.2 is amazing. And the HTC EVO hardware is very nice. The handset’s screen is brilliant and roomy. The sound quality is very good, both in speaker mode as well as in normal use and can be adjusted by the two large buttons along the upper right hand side of the handset. The buttons themselves are probably a little bigger than they actually need to be and I found that I had to be careful not to press them if I held the phone in landscape mode in my left hand. I had a tendency to hit the volume down button with my left thumb, so it’ll take a little training to make sure I’m more careful with that in the future.

Everything I experienced last night and today matches what I’d read from other users previously. Along with the battery life. I do wish the battery life was a little better but after using it pretty heavily last night I think it’ll be more than adequate for how I’ll use it. I expect that most of my usage will be in the evenings after work during the week day, and on demand during the weekend. The first tasks I performed after finishing activation was to download Advanced Task Killer from the App store, and turning off the 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS radios. There are still some tweaks I can probably make, like reducing the brightness of the screen, and turning off animations but with just the radios off and using ATK I was able to use the phone non-stop for 2-3 hours and still had over 50% battery life. That leads me to believe I can use the phone in full smart-phone mode for 4-6 hours before draining the battery, which is more than I expect I’ll actually need. During the work day I’ll mostly just be sending/receiving emails and text messages so it appears I’ll just plug in my phone in the evenings like I do now and be done with it.

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