Bioware’s Comic-Con reveal

Bioware has been teasing for the past several days that there would be a “big reveal” at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and during their panel yesterday there was.  Darth Hater provided a concise roundup so it didn’t take us long to learn yesterday that the big reveal was the fact that we’ll be able to customize and participate in combat with our ships.  Of course there are no details yet about how ship combat will work but it should bring an interesting facet to the game.  Other interesting tidbits revealed were that we’ll be able to customize our companions with gear and I imagine skills as well.  Mythic did the same thing in Star Trek Online so I have some experience with this already and think it’s a terrific idea.  But the fact that we’ll never be able to faction change I think is a mistake.  I think limiting choices in that manner only lessons character development and cheapens the entire moral decisions system so I’m hoping the decision to limit faction changes will get changed at some point in the future.  In any event the panel seems to have served its purpose well and kept the discussion about SWTOR lively for another week.

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