Do you know how often I find PVP pre-made groups these days?  I tried for weeks to find one and then gave up a couple months back.  I decided just to take my lumps and suffer through the typical PUGs.  But then this weekend happened.  Not only did I find my first pre-made in ages, but it was Warsong Gulch weekend and we stomped face.  I also found a pre-made again last night, so I’ve been running in full Resto mode all weekend.  Some might ask why I’m all that concerned with pre-mades as there really is no over-arching reason for them at this point.  It’s because I’m still working toward my Justicar and Battlemaster achievements (and).  Progress is painfully slow in typical pugs.  But in a pre-made the equation is usually completely different.  In a pre-made you are usually with competent PVP’ers and you usually win most of your matches, so not only do you accrue a lot of honor but in the case of WSG and AB I get a lot of the rep I need.

Which is funny because I was just looking at it last night and I still needed the equivalent of 890 flag caps in WSG to get to exalted with the Silverwing.  I hadn’t figured out exactly how many “ticks” I needed in AB, but as I’m only about half way through honored, it probably amounts of a “lot”.  Almost undoubtedly I’ll still be working toward these achievements when Cataclysm is released, but I’m hoping that pre-mades become much more common with the news of how rated battlegrounds will work.  Running in regular pre-mades will speed up progression toward Justicar and Battlemaster considerably.

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