Married or fooling around?

Tobold asked this question a few days ago and I had meant to reply but was busy with PVP over the weekend.  First and foremost I’m a player.  Not in the sense of the title to this post, but in the sense of how I interact with MMOs.  I’m not one to “shop around” and play test every game that is released because unlike Tobold I do like to accomplish things.  He doesn’t believe you can actually accomplish anything in a game but I disagree.  Accomplishing specific feats in an MMO is the same as completing, or “winning” an RPG or RTS in my view.  

And my Bartle score indicates that.  Incidentally I’m not sure why it indicates I took the quiz on the 15th as I actually took this last Fall.  In any event I’m an A.S.E.K. which means I look goals as my primary form of entertainment and motivation.  I’m systematic whereas someone like Tobold is more of a socializer or explorer.  I find a game I like and I tend to spend all, or the vast majority of my time playing it.  I may try out other games from time to time but unless they offer me something more than the game I’m currently playing I won’t stay very long.  Case in point, I love Lord of the Rings and have read not only the Trilogy but also the Silmarillion and other assorted Tolkien related books many times but have never once played LotRO.  I simply wasn’t all that attracted to the game description.  Likewise I’ve read every Conan book ever published and consider myself a tremendous fan of the story yet I’ve never played AoC.  It’s not that I wasn’t interested to try it out, but rather that I’ve simply been too busy playing WoW.

So in the sense that Tobold asks the question, I’m the “married” type.  I find what I like and I stick with it.  I’m the long term, immersive player.

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