Blizzard’s press event

Saturday was a busy day as far as Blizzard is concerned.  They treated the “press” to an event and leaked some tid bits of new information — not all of which were good news.  In fact most of the news was related to what they were trimming from Cataclysm rather than what they were adding.  Path of the Titans is being removed and consequently Archeology is being gutted and being turned into a cosmetic secondary profession that deals with the game’s lore.  Also the guild talent and guild currency system that was announced at last years Blizzcon are gone as well.  But the biggest news as far as I was concerned is that they were redesigning Inscription and Glyphs.  I’d said last year it needed to be redesigned and I’m happy to see Blizzard acknowledges that, but how they’re going about it boggles my mind.  There’s practically no after-market for glyphs now, so I fail to see how making glyphs a one-shot learn will make that better.

Blizzard is wont to do what Blizzard is wont to do, but I’m really kind of sad to hear about the early demise of the Path of the Titans.  Although we didn’t get a great amount of detail about the system it was beginning to sound like it would have been a very nice addition to the game.  Ah well, such things will happen when a game is in beta.

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