Cataclysm – when is it coming and what will you be playing when it does?

It’s that time of the year when people are beginning to seriously ponder when Cataclysm will be released. I’ve actually seen people argue that it’ll be released prior to Thanksgiving, which I feel might be stretching it a little. Blizzcon isn’t until October 23-24 and Cataclysm would have to be virtually completed by then in order to be released in November. Remember, while patches can still be developed the physical media has to go gold and they have to have the required time to burn enough to fill all the orders. I think it’s a safer bet to assume Cataclysm will be released near Christmas or in January. Since we all have absolutely no real information to go on there are other questions one can focus on right now. Like what your character plans for the next expansion might be. That’s a question I’ve been giving much thought to lately.

The characters I’m playing now are not the characters I started off playing when WotLK released. But they are the characters I enjoy the most and so I’m virtually certain they will be the two characters I continue to play on into Cataclysm. My Druid was my main in Vanilla and BC though I’ve been playing him as an alt during the past year and didn’t play him much at all prior to that back to the end of BC. But more and more lately I’ve been pondering whether I should play him as my main again. I enjoy playing Balance and Resto immensely and as a hybrid class I regularly respec into either Feral bear or Feral cat to complete content or change up my play style for a bit. I have the same ability to do that with my Paladin as well but PVP is a big deal with me and I generally like to PVP On my Druid more. I actually spend more time on my Druid – much more – than I do on my “main”. The fact that my Paladin is my “main” is really because I progression raid on him instead of my Druid whom I only pug with. The more I think about the situation the more inclined I am to play my Druid again as my true main and play my Paladin as my alt.

The allure of the Worgen class isn’t that high for me. I may race change at some point, but I won’t roll a new character just to play a Worgen.

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