Putricide and the Eclipse effect

In my main’s guild we’ve skipped over Putricide in order to work on the Blood Princes, but in my alt’s guild we’ve chosen to work on Putricide. And I got my first look at that fight last night. I didn’t think I was going to like the fight all that much, but after a handful of attempts where we were able to get him down to 20% at his enrage timer, I found myself actually liking the fight a great deal. I see us killing Putricide Friday night if we make sure we more quickly transition to the sludges and burn them down faster, and ensure we more cleanly transition between phases without having sludges remain up as carryovers, and ensure the person kiting the orange sludge doesn’t run out of range of the ranged classes I think we’ll kill him on Friday night. The issues above are simply about maintaining a high level of DPS on target to meet the enrage timer, but the other issue that we have to work on is also not being hit by the Malleable Goo. We simply had too many people being hit by that last night, putting pressure on the healers to keep those individuals up, but also the effects of being hit effectively reduce their DPS as it increases the duration of spells and attacks by 200%.

As my Druid is in the alt guild, this fight is relatively easy for me. Limited movement, unless I have to dodge Malleable Goo, or unless I have to move to get back into range of the individual kiting the orange sludge (or unless I’m also the one kiting), I get to stand and do what Balance Druids do best – pew pew with massive DPS increases thanks to the Eclipse effect. At the end of the attempts I found myself always in the top five, but twice ending up number two on the DPS meter. It made me think again of how bad Eclipse is, or really, how it’s simply too good. On fights where I have to move fairly often like on the Rotface or Restergut fights I always find myself around number 10 or 11 on the DPS meter which is middle of the pack. On those fights where I simply get to stand and take advantage of my Eclipses I’m up near the top. Other casters, like Mages for instance, are not as affected by movement as they hit harder on a spell by spell basis and some of my DPS is reflected in the DOTs I put on the target and which amplify my main spells (Wrath and Starfire) effects. In short, fights that require movement – and the more movement the more the affect – have more of a detrimental impact on me that they do on other casters and I would very much like Blizzard to fix that now rather than later. Yet I know a fix, whatever it is, isn’t due until Cataclysm.

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