Druid 1-5

What can I say? I love the Druid class, and because I’ve wanted to play on the horde side for some time I finally got around to creating a Horde Druid. There truly isn’t a great deal to say about the Druid class for levels 1 to 5 other than to say “be prepared for utter boredom”. In fact, if you will be leveling using the available items through the quests and off the mobs you’re going to be killing, be prepared to take drugs before hand. You essentially have two means of killing mobs — either Wrath or by auto-attacking with the level 1 staff you get when you create the character. Killing is faster by casting Wrath but you’ll find yourself running out of mana rather quickly. And my guess is that you’ll end up casting a Wrath or two and then auto attacking. But even with that you might run yourself out of mana after a few mobs depending on how fast you kill things. The more auto attacking you do the more you will want to bang your head against the keyboard because there simply is nothing glamorous about Druid melee attacking at this stage.

However there is a way out. Heirloom items! If you have a high level character that can get the items, I suggest you do it. Not only because it will free you from the need to constantly upgrade three items, but those heirloom items will make your journey from level 1 to 5 a breeze. Almost “OP” in fact. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Repurposed Lavadredger, Stained Shadowcraft Tunic, and the Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders. The Chest and Shoulders will give you a 10% xp gain bonus (works on creatures AND quests), and all three items will grow as you level.

If you take the advice, you simply need to cast a moonfire or a Wrath on a target and auto attack your mobs as your work through the quests out of Red Cloud Mesa. It takes all of two or three hits to kill mobs so you can expect to be through all the starter quests in 20 to 25 minutes and on your way to Bloodhoof Village.

At level five you will have Wrath, Moonfire, Healing Touch and Rejuvenation to add a little extra oomph to your attacks and to keep yourself healed as you level. You shouldn’t need to cast more than a Rejuv on yourself once you start on the Bloodhoof quests though, and should expect no downtime while doing it.

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