No Olympic event in WoW?

Two years ago the Summer Olympics was greeted in WoW by a mini-event which had you run PVP Battlegrounds in order to earn an Olympic tabard and a special in-game pet (Chinese dragon). I made the mistake of only running do that on my Warlock whom I now don’t play, and didn’t do it on my Druid and my Paladin, whom I do play and do achievements with. So I was looking forward to the Winter Olympics for the past two years in order to get the Olympic pet. I wasn’t expecting the Chinese dragon of course, but rather something a little more Canadian — a Moose!

Blizzard, for whatever reason, didn’t start an Olympic event with the games yesterday. Nor did it start this morning at midnight, so it appears Blizzard is sitting out the Olympics this year and I find that very disappointing. Why create an event for the Summer Olympics and not the Winter Olympics? Some are speculating on the forums that it was simply because the Summer Olympics were held in China and Blizzard was simply ingratiating themselves with China.

Whatever the case it certainly looks badly that no event was launched with the start of the Winter Olympics yesterday and I find that very disappointing.

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