In defense of ignorance indeed

I read an interesting post on wowinsider this morning. It’s another of a recent trend toward lower and lower expectations that quite frankly disappoints me. While I am very much supportive of the new LFG system, I am not very supportive of under-geared or under-performing characters coasting along if they cause problems for the run. That might sound awful elitist of me, and perhaps it is, but I have my own “ethical” stance on dungeon/raid running that I would like to see a whole lot of other people using as well. Simply put I won’t subject a group to my performance until I’m sure that I should be there. And as I mentioned before, I feel very strongly about the intended progression of things and I do not like to see people trying to skip that. Especially off the backs of others.

What Allison Robert doesn’t understand about why people are becoming more vocal about under-performing people is that players, by and large, do not want difficulty in completing runs any longer. It was always hard enough to find groups to begin with, so many people took the good with the bad to some extent. Now however groups are easy to come by and I think most people just want to get in, get their badges or some loot, and get out. I know I don’t want to wipe in a heroic these days. All that being said, a DPS that is under-geared for something is much easier to accept than a tank or a healer, who clearly are the lynch pins of the group. It’s not that big of a deal (to me) if all the DPS isn’t on the same level, and I think one can safely ignore the person who might be doing half the DPS of others in a group. But that simply isn’t the case for Tanks and Healers. Have you seen an under-geared tank or healer in the new 5-mans? It’s not pretty.

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