It has begun

I haven’t said much more about it but my quest to achieve Shadowmourn is in full swing on my Paladin. Unfortunately no Primordial Saronites have dropped from any of the bosses we’ve downed in ICC-25 yet. Which is to say, all 4 of them, so the fact that none have dropped yet isn’t a terrible ordeal yet. But as we go back into ICC tonight to start the week anew we’ll get through the first three, bringing our boss kills to 7 meaning we had better have seen at least one by the end of the night. It’s certainly going to take longer to get the 25 Saronites I need to even complete the first step in the Shadowmourne quest chain. Which has made me reevaluate my like of thinking on it all. I’ll certainly be asking the Guild Leader again when the first one does drop, but as far as I know they have yet to make a decision on how those will be handled. And I’m not so inclined to wait for 25 of them to drop at this point. I had thought the drop rate was higher anyway, so at this point I’ve begun what I like to call the mother of all farming. I’ll certainly take whatever the guild is willing to give me, but I’m not going to let my fate rest in my guild alone. As of a couple days ago I am running dailies and as many of the weeklies on my 80s as I can so I can buy as many of the primordial saronites as I can myself.

I can probably farm enough badges to get 3 a week, though there might be the odd week I only get 2. And if I end up buying 1 or 2 a week I’d still be looking at probably 12 a month. At that rate it would take me 2 months of daily/weekly farming to get them on my own. If not longer.

[evening update] We cleared first three bosses and had a few attempts at Saurfang. Got one Primordial Saronite as I expected to see. And I also got Bryntoll, the Bone Arbitor as an upgrade to my Keen Obsidian Edged Blade. Very nice and noticible upgrade in DPS too, and with some luck in a few weeks I’ll have another big upgrade to my DPS in the form of Shadow’s Edge.

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