Taking matters into ones own hands

Some friends and I in my guild had been talking about it for a few weeks prior, but the horrible time we had with Sartharion really cemented it for us. If we were not going to be able to have any real progression on the 25-man side of things we would take matters into our own hands and have it on the 10-man side of things. Five of us had been working on “Glory of the Hero” on Saturday nights anyway, so we simply chose five others to come with us to form a 10-man group. I can’t say we blew through Icecrown, but we didn’t take more than 3 attempts on any one boss, and we cleared it. Now that we all know the fights fairly well, I think we’ll be able to clear the place in couple hours.

Our intent is to really push things. All of us are a bit frustrated with the progression we’ve had on 25-man content, so we all want to get those achievements, mounts, and see the content we haven’t been able to there. Looking at my recount data this morning, it looks like just one of the DPS is a bit light, though I’m sure he’ll pick things up with some upgrades. And what’s more the group was really gelling, so it looks like things are going to work out quite nicely.

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