Let the Jockeying begin

With news that patch 3.3 might be landing Tuesday, the interest in Shadowmourne amongst the melee classes that can use it in my guild is heating up. A week ago I asked one of the officers what discussions amongst themselves had they had about the 25 Primoridal Saronites. Especially since Icecrown will be rolled out piecemeal and the first “wing” will only have four bosses and that condition is likely to last weeks. And I was told they hadn’t even thought about it. Well, needless to say I lit a fire under them about it because the Shadowmourne wanters would not be the only competition for the Saronites.

Also, I was determined what happened with the mace in Ulduar didn’t happen in Icecrown. Essentially the guild had all the healers roll when we first started running Ulduar, and the winner of that roll would get all the shards. Unfortunately after getting 4-5 shards the healer who won that roll stopped playing. 4-5 shards wasn’t a terrible amount to lose, but there ended up being 3 or 4 healers who were working on it after that and the shards we did loot were spread out among them. We never downed Yogg, so even if one healer had them all to begin with, we still wouldn’t have the mace in a healers hands. From my perspective though, the process we used to decide who got the shards wasn’t ideal. For such weapons, I think it better to give the opportunity to a reliable individual who would best be able to use it first, then let others get their chance. Otherwise you end up having what happened to us.

For the axe, I asked the officers to talk it over and decide who would get the axe first, and as of Thursday night I was told it was down to two people. Myself, and I would assume one of the officers who just switched to his DK for raiding. We’re both reliable raiders, so either would make a good option (memememememememe) for the raid. What’s most important is that especially the first one needs to go to a reliable raider who has high attendance, which means that axe will bring a lot back to the raid team. Both of us have nearly 100% attendance.

I can’t see the team remaining patient long enough for more than two of these to be made, before they start screaming for the saronites themselves. There is always the option of purchasing the Saronites, but I shudder to think how expensive that would be.

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