How is it doing?

Tobold asks a good question. One in which I think I would normally be saying “just fine” about this time of year, considering the Summer is over. Yet it’s not. At least not that I can see. My guild is still limping along and I have all but given up on ever getting into hard modes, let alone finishing content that is actually somewhat difficult. Perhaps that has to do more with the typical player in my guild, but there are still a handful of people that left back in May and haven’t come back yet.

You might have noticed from my recent blogging that I’ve dipped back into EVE. I don’t typically play more than one MMO at a time, and for years now that has been WoW. Doing so now has entirely to do with the lack of raid progress we’ve been able to attain and the fact that questing/achievement attainment and endless pvp gets kind of boring after a while. You simply need something else to do. And I’m not the only one in my guild that I know are playing other games. One friend is playing EVE, two more are playing Champions Online, and a few more are still playing AION. In years past people would be back from their Summer fun and would be raring to go.

I still like WoW, but I know I am personally looking for a little more than raiding one or two nights a week. Particularly when you can’t even get past the first boss on Heroic mode. Makes for rather long nights of wiping. Makes baby Jesus cry. EVE is fun, but I’ve already been around that block a couple times now and I know over the long term I most likely won’t stick to it. It’s a game that almost requires large group participation, and if you either can’t find that or can’t handle the costs associated with the real content in EVE, then you aren’t going to be able to do anything really.

The games I am really waiting for — The Old Republic, and Star Trek Online — are still many moons away from final release. Star Trek Online just announced the official beginning of their beta program, but since I didn’t get an invite (yet) it’s not something I have a great deal to either talk about, or learn about as of yet. Still so many questions unanswered about STO in any regard. Largely the same with TOR, which has either started early closed beta, or will soon. TOR is probably the game I am most looking forward to, but as with STO, there are still so many unanswered questions.

In the mean time I will probably bounce back and forth between WoW and EVE. Something I’ve never done before and probably says everything that needs to be said all by itself.

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