Hallows End

I’ve commented on WoW’s world events on various occasion, but when I last posted about them was during the mid-summer event when I wondered if Blizzard wasn’t stretched just a bit too thin. Previous world events had been noticeably incomplete, but the Brewfest event which finished a few weeks ago had no updates other than increase Direbrew’s level to 80 and adding new loot to him. At least Blizzard updated that, but because the world event was mostly self contained and well designed from the start, it masked previous world event problems.

Fast forward to Hollows End though and the problems with incompleteness resurfaces. Blizzard updated the Headless Horseman, and his loot, but they failed to add achievements for the candy pails in Northrend, though they are there and you can visit them all. It’s exactly the same issue we saw during children’s week, which Blizzard addressed by having a second children’s week just for Northrend. Really inexcusable and only brings additional questions to mind regarding how thin the development staff is or isn’t.

Still, Hallow’s End is my favorite world event. And other than the minor achievement silliness, it’s still an enjoyable event. Unfortunately for me, Hollows End is the final meta achievement I need for my Death Knight to finish up the “What a long strange trip its been” achievement. Back in December I was commenting that events like this suffer too much from the RNG monster as I prepare myself for trick or treating around the clock for the next two weeks (on three toons no less) as I strive to loot not only the Sinister Squishling, but also the Hallowed Helm. Imagine that–one single achievement during this event between me and a year long effort to get a special mount. Seems fair!

It simply isn’t enough to put myself through this on one character, but I endeavor to do it all over again on two other characters as well.

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