Now I know exactly why

I had my first full day foray in PVP on my Rogue yesterday. I’ve been PVPing here and there during my leveling, but PVPing as combat. Admittedly my gear while leveling was nothing special, indeed even sub-par, but the point of PVPing while you level wasn’t to rack up the kills or wow the field, its to earn some honor. So it didn’t really matter to me how I performed from battle to battle, and I took away no strong lessons.

But yesterday I finally dual-specced, as all the reading I had done indicated Assassination (Mutilate spec) was the only way to PVP as a Rogue these days. I’m still in mostly blues (level 78+) but I have picked up the Valor bracers, Trollwoven shoulders, Titanium Impact Band, my Engineering epic head piece, Titansteel Shanker (main hand dagger), Librarians Papercutter (off-hand dagger), and got my first piece of epic PVP gear yesterday (gloves). And I saw first hand just how easy it is to PVP as a Rogue. Even with my still way sub-optimal gear I was wrecking most clothies, or at least severely roughing them up. I still don’t have the oomph to burn down most Mages (Ice) before they blink then chain snare me to death, but everyone I encountered yesterday certainly knew I had been there.

Its just incredible how much control that spec gives you, and how little effort it takes to pull it off. I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of Rogues on different toons, but as I don’t arena all of it has been in Battlegrounds and a lot of the time you are involved in some sprawling fight. So I was often killed by a Rogue while I was fighting someone else. But now I can see it from the opposite side and I am saying of all the classes I have played this far, this is probably the second easiest class to PVP with (Paladin being the first). It’ll be hilarious to see once I get a full set of PVP gear and some truly nice weapons.

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