Forays into Ulduar part 2

I should know better, but with my return to WoW and the search for a guild to raid with I just hadn’t spent much time reading up on Ulduar. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to raid it any time soon because I know I’m really not geared enough for it yet. But I found myself in Ulduar Monday night where we downed Razorscale and we headed back into Ulduar last night. As I said, I should know better because I wasn’t aware that you had to kill Flame Leviathan first in order to gain access to Razorscale, XT-002, and Ignis. The guild had previously killed Flame Leviathan at some point last week but wasn’t able to down Razorscale (or any other boss) until we downed Razorscale Monday night.

Yesterday was patch day, and Ulduar reset, so we needed to down Flame Leviathan before we could move on. I’m honestly not sure what happened on the first attempt, but we did down Flame Leviathan on the second attempt. I remember not being all that excited about vehicle combat when I first heard about it several weeks ago, but now that I’ve done it I found it quite interesting. I’ve never even been in Eye of Eternity, though I have done the Occulus. So my vehicle mounted combat is somewhat limited in so far as raiding goes.

Once we downed him we moved on to Razorscale again. Patch Tuesdays being what they are (patch 3.1.1 was pushed out yesterday), plenty of people were having lag problems despite the rollign restart of our server just an hour earlier. And several people kept being dis-connected throughout the fight, so unfortunately we never did get her down below 250k health. The tanks were having a lot of problem taunting her last night too, but I don’t remember anyone complaining about it Monday night. Not sure if there was a change, or rather that it was just too chaotic Monday night for anyone to have noticed.

Despite the number of wipes we’ve been experiencing in Ulduar, I am finding it quite refreshing. While I like epics as much as the next person, I find the challange the true draw for me. Ulduar is certainly delivering that in spades. I would be lieing, however, if I didn’t admit that I’m really looking forward to downing Razorscale so we can hit up Ignis. Ignis, you see, drops Worldcarver and I am number one on the SKG list. If it drops, it’s mine, no questions asked. Makes me a very happy Death Knight!

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