Empire: Total War

A friend of mine had been talking up Empire: Total War to me over the past couple days. I had originally gotten him into the series back when Rome: Total War hit the streets and he and I played it for quite some time. So I figured I should check out the new installment to see what was new.

The overall feel of the game is largely the same as previous games, though there are what I see as cosmetic changes here and there to make some aspects just different enough to warrant a new name. So sadly after only a day of playing I’m already kinda bored with it, though I must say the aspect I think I enjoyed the most is the new sea combat.

Sadly there wasn’t an “American” option in the grand campaign. At least not to start with, though perhaps its something you “unlock” through playing other countries in the grand campaign. I know that was an option in Rome: Total War.

All in all I think I’d give the game a high C grade.

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