Be careful what you wish for

As I had mentioned yesterday, we had a “PVP op” scheduled for last night. And it was largely what I thought it would be. Initially we started trolling for opportunities by baiting in an asteroid belt with two of our miners jetcan mining. They had a few nibbles, but no one actually took the bait. So eventually we grew bored and started roaming a couple of low-sec systems nearby. That was also largely a waste of time as we had determined from our previous PVP op that we weren’t going to fire first in order to avoid the loss of security status. And while we found a couple of people who might have offered a good fight, they both refused to fire first. Even when targeted. Probably because it would have been 3-v-1 had they been silly enough to fight it out.

After taking a break we decided to give it one more shot in the low-sec systems. This time we got a bit more than we bargained for. We decided we were going to tempt one of the gate campers to attack us. And this time we were going to send a single person through and hope that someone would take the bait. It had been more than an hour since our previous romp through this system so we were hoping no one actually in the system would remember us from local. Still no joy at the gate so out bait ship decided to start warping through the asteroid belts looking for someone he might bait and would call us in should something happen. Didn’t take very long at all before he was set upon by three opponents. he actually took one down into armor fairly quickly, but he was in trouble and called for us to hurry. By the time we got there he was already in pod and we were picked apart not only by the three that were already there, but their five buddies that came in just after we got there.

Not only did I lose my Myrmidon, but because I had neglected to create a jump clone, I ended up losing 79 million in implants as well.

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