Adventurine following those same footsteps?

Fresh on the heels of CCP being caught showing blatant favoritism in game friends, Adventurine seems to be following those same footsteps. Thanks to Broken Toys we’re hearing about anecdotal evidence that GMs in Darkfall are as interested in ensuring their friends are as protected from the travails that trouble the other poor non-connected slobs, as CCP is in EVE.

I have intentionally ignored Darkfall because it clearly isn’t my type of game. Intentionally bucking current MMO trends to be more casual player friendly, Darkfall was designed with some pretty brutal game mechanics that clearly favor PVP-centric players. Adventurine also is strictly rationing access to the game. Want to play? Better keep checking that website, because they only allow new players access to purchase the client irregularly and with no prior warning.

Under these circumstances reports of GM favoritism are particularly worrisome.

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