Dual Spec… Say what??

Blizzard finally released a little more information regarding the upcoming dual-spec system–a lot of which we already knew about from previous communications. However there was one new tidbit of information that I think surprised a lot of us. And that was that in order to access the dual-spec system you have to either use a Lexicon of Power in a major city, or have an Inscriptor in your group who will summon one (like Warlocks summon summoning stones now) for the group to use.

when I read that I just shook my head. Why does Blizzard take every opportunity to implement something new in the worst possible way? If there is even the slightest ability to implement something and make it just a little more difficult, trust that Blizzard will take that route rather than just do what everyone is clamoring for. Instead of just making a strait up system that allows everyone that wants to switch back and forth between specs (outside of combat), you will now have to make sure you have an inscriptor in the group. No word on what cool down will be introduced along with the new summonable Lexicon of Power either.

Blizzard, for the love of all that is holy. Just implement that damn system. Stop screwing around, and stop making my fun dependent on others. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to group up to change their specs, nor to travel back to a major city to do it either. Pull your head out please!

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