Big PVP changes coming?

It’s one of the two things from WAR that I’ve previously commented I’d like to see Blizzard implement in WoW. Low and behold Tigole mentioned yesterday they were looking at XP gain from PVP. He said other things also, but “We’re also going to explore EXP gain through the PvP system as well as low level itemization to support that.” is what stood out in his entire post to me. All they would have to do in order for this to go live NOW would be to scale down (and up) the existing level 60 PVP gear like they plan on doing for the Heirloom Bind on Account gear. Voila, done, implement it already!

I’ve been playing WAR the past week and I love the fact I can level almost entirely through PVP. In WoW I don’t PVP much until I hit the level cap because I’m one of those players that hates taking time away from levelling. Earning XP from PVP would solve that to a large extent. When I feel like PVPing, I’d PVP and still earn XP. When I didn’t feel like PVPing, I’d quest/instance and guess what; I’d still earn XP. Of course people who play twinks wouldn’t be much of a fan of this plan, but I think there would be many multiples of those who would.

Tigole made another comment yesterday that should make people looking to earn XP via PVP even happier. Go head, read his comment. Now that you’re back, can you imagine how this will play out for Rogues, Prot Warriors, Prot Paladins, Resto Druids… hell, everyone? Of course this particular plan isn’t just applicable to the PVP crowd. It also has deep significance for raiders who right now might have to pay through the nose for respecs in between raids. Or have had to level and play an alt for farming.

Incidentally, the other thing from WAR that I’d like Blizzard to implement is the group XP bonus you get in WAR, but do not in WoW. In WAR, if you group, XP for any given creature is divided by the number in the party. Same as in WoW. But in WAR you get a bonus on top of that amount which encourages grouping. In WoW you do not. In WAR you end up getting nearly half again as much XP in a two-person party than you do in WoW, and that can add up to a considerable amount. Blizzard should implement this immediately, since their stated goal on many occasions is to foster a social environment. Right now there is little reason to group up, unless you simply can’t do a quest on your own. You’re penalized for grouping, and that to me, is just plain silly.

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