Stargate Worlds pre-beta stress test to begin soon

There has been a lot of talk on certain MMO blogs lately regarding the upcoming Stargate Worlds Online MMO. And since I’m an avid Stargate fan who fell in love with the story when the original Stargate movie was released and spent 10 years watching the original Stargate SG-1 show, and now 4+ years watching Stagate Atlantis, I am overjoyed by the prospect. Low and behold I wake up this morning to an email from the fine folks at SWO inviting me to the pre-beta stress test, which will begin on the 24th.

Stress testing is about putting load on the servers to see how they stand up to the rigourous pounding they’ll take when a few hundred or more people are doing their thing on them. In the email I received this morning they ask me to log in twice a week during the load testing and quest, fight, or what ever I feel like. And I will certainly oblige by doing so. Personally I can not wait to make my Asgardian!

While the email doesn’t state any privacy or non-disclosure requirements, when you then log into the beta site to download the client you are greeted with a confidentiality agreement. So unfortunately this will probably be the last I post about this for a while. I’m generally not a big fan of hiding details about MMOs from fans.

Anyway, for those who also got the invite, see you in SWO!

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