Public Test Realm virtually unplayable

I was finally able to get into the PTR last night. However, as it turned out, that was only the beginning of the problems. I have no idea how many people were logged into the PTR, but it was so laggy that it literally was taking a minute or more at times to select single talent points. Likewise, there was simply no way to test new abilities or mechanics. On my Warlock for instance, I flew up to the Barrier Hills to test Demon Form out on the unsuspecting Ogres there. Cast Demon Form, which lasts only 45 seconds, and experienced about 42 seconds of lag. By the time I could actually do anything I found myself looking at myself again.

Needless to say I wasn’t on the PTR for very long after all that. I’ll head back on tonight, or perhaps in a day or two after the crowds have petered out somewhat. However, I was up there long enough to see a not so well geared (mostly blues) Ret Paladin named Dar demolish one of the Level 70 Elite Ogres that walk around up there. It literally was like watching him slap around a poor level 40 or 50 character. Dar walked away from the short contest at about 90% health. His mana situation was even more incredible because it didn’t look like he used any.

Folks, I’m sorry but after reading reports and seeing a few other Rets in action yesterday I’m absolutely convinced they’re in for a nerf. A quick scan through the official test realm forum, and Paladin board shows its a subject of a lot of conversation. There seems to be universal support for the buffs from the Paladin corp of course. And near universal condemnation from everyone else. If Blizzard follows it’s previous play book they’ll nerf Paladins to hell and back based on the whining alone.

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