Rudeness and Annoyances in WoW

Perhaps this amounts to a lot of QQ to some, but to others like me who are full-fledged alt-a-holics this happens to be a subject of great annoyance. I’ve fallen into the pre-expansion blahs lately and have ceased raiding on my main and senior alts. Instead I’ve begun levelling up two new characters, one of which I play solo when get home from work or have other free time. And one I play with my wife. We’re levelling together, and yes I’m that lucky to have my wife playing with me!

In the months previous I had spent the vast majority of my time on my main and senior alts, all of which are guilded. But my minor alts, as well as these two new characters are unguilded. Which leaves me open to nearly continuous guild invites from every tom, dick, and guild officer who happens to walk past me. Its annoying to have to turn down anywhere from one to twenty guild invites a day, but it’s especially annoying when you’re standing at a mailbox going through your mail and everything gets closed by some guild invite window. When it happens at the Auction House I want to spit blood.

Sometimes I simply click decline and go about my business, but other times it gets the better of me. Especially after already having done the same thing several times previously that day. And yesterday I told a couple people off. I received guild invites from two people in the same guild within two minutes of one another. I had been standing at the mailbox in Stormwind, mailing off a load of stuff to one of my mules when everything closed and I was left staring at a guild invite window. I told that individual that it was very rude to do that, and do you know the person whispered me back in a very condescending tone, finishing her whisper off with “gawd!”. That really set me off. I pretty much lit into the person and promptly put him/her on ignore. Then no more than two minutes later another guild invite window pops up from another member in the same guild. Can you imagine the steam coming out of my ears at this point?

Why do people think this is a good guild recruitment tool? And more importantly, why would anyone of any caliber want to join a guild that recruits in this way to begin with? Like a lot of people I sometimes just don’t want to be social. I have unguilded alts because I don’t want to be bothered at times and need a place to hide out, so to speak. And I know how easily it would be for Blizzard to fix this situation. All they’d have to do is add an option in the interface control panel to reject guild invites. Just like they added an option to reject trades.

Please Blizzard, for the love of my sanity, code this in soon!

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